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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Worldwide Consulting Corp. d.b.a. Condo Resort Link (CRL) operates and maintains this site as a service to our customers. By purchasing our outstanding advertising services you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bond by the following terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, do not acquire our services.

  • CRL is a for sale by owner (FSBO) marketing and advertising company that advertises timeshares/vacation properties for sale and/or rent and is not a real estate broker, or affiliated with your resort.
  • The advertising program involves pooling advertising resources with those of other sellers to maximize exposure to potential buyers or renters.
  • CRL pledges to respect the privacy of our owner(s). We will automatically forward all prospective buyer and/or renter inquiries concerning the owner(s) vacation property directly to the owner. This allows the owner to negotiate the sale or rental without having to pay sales commissions or appraisal fees.
  • CRL makes no representation or guarantee that a vacation property can or will be sold and/or rented at any particular price or within any particular period of time. CRL makes no representation that a buyer or renter is or will be available as a condition to purchase our advertising services.
  • CRL agrees to advertise the owner(s) vacation property for sale and/or rent for a minimum period of 6 months. However, owner(s) understands that they may notify CRL prior to the expiration date of every 6 month period to renew and update ad at the company's expense. Otherwise, ad will expire and be taken down after a 6 month period of no contact from owner(s) under the assumption that vacation property is sold or rented and/or no longer on the resale market. Client agrees to pay a one time, non-recurring advertising fee to list vacation property for sale and/or rent on our website. There will never be any further charges to the owner(s) account, even if the timeshare/vacation property is sold and/or rented.
  • CRL will refund your advertising fee if your vacation property is sold by any other company, within 25% of your original (contract) sale asking price with CRL, upon proof of sale (closing statement and sales receipt).
  • CRL can not and does not appraise the value or rental price of vacation properties listed for sale or rent by owner. The sale or rental asking price is established by the property owner or seller taking in consideration current market conditions including, but not limited to, the location, age, season, and unit size of the resort and CRL makes no representation as to the sale or rental asking price that an owner may receive. All sale or rental pricing decisions are the sole responsibility of the vacation property owner or seller.
  • CRL does not itself engage in real estate broker services on its advertiser's behalf or anyone else and is not involved in any negotiations for sales, rentals, or closings; CRL has itself sold zero (0%) timeshare properties for the last 2 calendar years. CRL is unaware of the exact percentage of offers to sales or rentals.
  • Please be advised that the owner's obligation to pay maintenance fees and assessments continues for as long as he or she owns the timeshare interest and when a person inherits or buys a timeshare interest, that person is responsible for paying those maintenance fees and assessments.
  • CRL asks that you keep your ad up to date by notifying CRL of any new changes to information on the ad, such as change of address, as soon as possible. Resort photos listed for sale by owner (FSBO) are for illustrative purposes only and may vary slightly from the actual unit being advertised. Vacation property owner or seller may opt to send us their own resort photos and descriptions via email, at their discretion.
  • It is important that owner(s) understands that they still retain the right to book, bank, exchange, sell, rent, donate, or utilize their timeshare/vacation property while it is listed in our for sale or rent by owner advertising program with or without giving prior notice to Condo Resort Link.
  • Owner(s) understands that it is their responsibility to notify CRL within every 6 month period to renew their ad on our website, update their information on file, and to advise CRL that their vacation property is still on the market.

    Refund Policy
  • In accordance with Florida Statute 501.615; s. (6)-(12) - (min. 7 day review, full refund within 30 days exemption), CRL offers a ten (10) day review period, from the authorized billing date, during which the purchaser may give written notice of cancellation by fax, e-mail, or certified mail directed to our office. Upon receipt of cancellation notice, CRL will issue all qualified refunds back to the consumer within five (5) business days. Otherwise, advertising fee is non-refundable unless your vacation property is sold by any other company, within 25% of your original (contract) sale asking price with CRL, upon proof of sale (closing statement and sales receipt). Ads will be posted within 36 hours at which time advertising services are rendered. Any necessary changes to information on the ad are to be sent in writing along with the signed agreement. Buyer or renter inquiries or offers may not be forwarded to owner(s) if no signed agreement is on file.

(In accordance with the new Florida Disclosure Law, this notice will be posted here on our website and will be sent in writiing with our Advertising Agreement to be signed by all consumers who wish to purchase our advertising services.) Condo Resort Link will provide resale advertising services pursuant to this contract. If Condo Resort Link represents that Condo Resort Link has identified a person who is interested in purchasing or renting your timeshare interest, then Condo Resort Link must provide you with the name, address, and telephone number of such represented interested resale purchaser. You have an unwaivable right to cancel this contract for any reason within 10 days after the date you sign this contract. If you decide to cancel this contract, you must notify Condo Resort Link in writing (by email or otherwise) of your intent to cancel. Your notice of cancellation shall be effective upon the date sent and shall be sent to our physical address: Condo Resort Link 1400 Gandy Blvd N Ste 1603, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702 or via email to: info@condoresortlink.com. Your refund will be made within 10 days after receipt of notice of cancellation or within 5 days after receipt of funds from your cleared check, whichever is later. You are not obligated to pay Condo Resort Link any money unless you sign this contract and return it to Condo Resort Link. IMPORTANT: Before signing this contract, you should carefully review your original timeshare purchase contract and other project documents to determine whether the developer has reserved a right of first refusal or other option to purchase your timeshare interest or to determine whether there are any restrictions or special conditions applicable to the resale or rental of your timeshare interest.
Description of Fees
Client pays a one-time, non-recurring fee to market and advertise vacation property for sale and/or rental through our website. Also, our company advertises through online publications (content match), social media avenues, and major search engine networks with display ad placement.

Notice: Pursuant to Florida Statute 721.20(9) (a), the ratio of the number of timeshare interest listings for sale versus the number of timeshare interests sold by CRL is zero for each of the previous two calendar years. Because CRL is a For Sale By Owner Timeshare Advertising Company it does not obtain, track or keep records of sales or rentals resulting from its vacation property advertisements.

Indemnity. You agree to hold Condo Resort Link, our partners, affiliates, staff and attorneys harmless from any loss, liability, expense, or claim including reasonable attorney fees related to any violation of this agreement or use of the site. CRL (World Wide Consulting Corp) is a Florida Corporation, any legal process concerning the company fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Florida.

Limitation of Liability
Under no circumstances shall Condo Resort Link be liable for any damages, direct, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary or otherwise, that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials in this Web Site, even if Condo Resort Link or a Condo Resort Link authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

This agreement shall be governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Florida. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement void or unenforceable, the remainder should be enforced and the court should use its authority to amend it in order to fulfill the stated purposes of this agreement to the fullest extent permitted by law.

ALERT: Beware of sending payment via Western Union or Moneygram to any individual or company for timeshare-related services. Be sure to always use a licensed reputable closing company to transfer your deed.