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Vacation Property Marketing

A timeshare is a great commitment to a healthy lifestyle-enhancing opportunity to those that use it and enjoy vacationing each year.

Nowadays, more and more people are finding out about the travel industries best-kept secret; a timeshare resale offers more accomodations, amenities, and can be more affordable than a hotel stay.

Through increased exposure in online ad campaigns and social media avenues, targeted to potential buyers and renters, more and more vacationers are learning how they can save thousands off resort prices by buying and renting a timeshare on the resale market, directly from the owner of the timeshare unit.

If for some reason, you are not getting use out of your timeshare/vacation property, Condo Resort Link's marketing campaign is your solution. When you are in the market to sell your timeshare/vacation property, you first need to consider your options.

  1. Most Resorts do not have their own resale market; it conflicts with their current sales. Initially, the developer spent a lot of time, money, and marketing selling you a timeshare that you are paying maintenance fees on each year whether you use it or not. They really do not have an interest in buying your timeshare back.
  2. You can opt to go with a Real Estate Broker that takes a sales commission after the sale. However, they tend to only deal with or specialize in specific resort brands and locations.
  3. You can always place an ad in your local newspaper and try that route to sell or rent your unit. However, you have to pay an upfront fee with no guarantee or trained Representative advising you. You have to screen all calls from the curious to the furious and search for someone to do the closing. A local newspaper ad that targets a limited audience could end up being a waste of money.
  4. You can donate your timeshare to charity, provided the maintance fees are paid up to date. However, they tend to be very particular on the timeshare types they will accept and deal only with certain resort brands.

We are a (FSBO) marketing, advertising and consulting company that specializes in timeshare/vacation property sales and rentals on the secondary market. Through our advanced user-friendly search engines, extensive marketing campaign and our outstanding customer service we offer a stress free alternative for you to market and advertise your timeshare.

We utilize many of the following tools and strategies in our marketing campaign to place your property in front of many prospective buyers/renters.

Telesales - We have a telesales office that speaks to current timeshare owners asking them if they like to buy additional time at a discount rate.

Internet Presence - The most powerful marketing tool that reaches out to millions of potential buyers and renters, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, World Wide.

Personalized Service - Our experienced, live agents are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

International Exposure - We offer ads in English and a second language at the Sellers request at no additional charge.

Newspaper - We advertise in major tourist area newspapers periodically for maximum exposure.

Search Engines - Optimizing and registering powerful keywords with top search engines to drive targeted prospective buyers and renters to our website.

Email Marketing - Sparking interest to first time buyers as well as current timeshare owners with information on particular properties available, including full color pictures of resorts and area attractions.

Social Media - We use the power of social media exposure by linking our website and inventory with our company Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Website - We have a buyer/renter-friendly website using advance technologies and keyword searches to make it easy to find a timeshare for sale and rent with the buyer/renter needs in mind. All sellers receive a full-page color ad of their resort details, including slideshow photos, features and comments, as well as a direct link to their resort.

Resources - We offer referrals to reputable licensed and bonded title and finance companies as deemed necessary.

FSBO - Since we are a "for sale by owner" advertising company, there are no appraisals fees, broker fees, sales commissions, hidden fees or closing costs in most cases for the seller. This puts the seller in control and allows the seller to retain as much as possible in the sale of their property.

Rent To Own Program - We offer potential buyers and renters an opportunity to try a timeshare out before they buy. This effective strategy works exceptionally great for the first buyer or renter.

Banners and Links - We offer direct links to some of the most useful resources on the internet, assisting potential buyers and renters, to help make vacation planning easier. Also, linking with other travel related sites helps drive the right traffic to our website for increased exposure.

Promotions - We run promotions from time to time, sparking interest, to promote our website and brand.

High Tourist Area - We are located in Florida "The Timeshare Capitol" where thousands of tourists come every year.

Virtual Tours - Our tour page allows potential buyers and renters the opportunity to preview some of the beautiful features and amenities a timeshare has to offer.

Inventory Assistance Department - We have a specialty department that focuses on the individual needs of potential buyers and renters. They assist in matching prospective buyers and renters with locating specific properties within our inventory. They also offer referrals to outside resources as needed.

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